The Rick Mercer Report

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last year the Air Show treated our local Veterans to a weekend of fun and thanks for their sacrifices they gave so many years ago. We received so many thanks and sincere accolades, we decided five minutes after the show that 2010 was going to do the same if not more. More because we may have missed some. We had stories of Veterans hitch hiking to the show and some came as far as Ottawa and Kitchener. We were very honored to hear the thanks and when you go to the Windsor Historical Society web page,( you can click on the photo page and visit that day and see the smiles across their faces. They had a good time and were very well received.
Guess what? It's going to happen again this year.
With the Windsor Historical Society lining them up, we are again giving them front line seating at the best Chalet we have to offer, for free, to be a part of the show and enjoy the weekend.
The vintage aircraft are the real deal and flown by pilots who truly know what they meant and did for Freedom.
So as a special offer we are asking the public to sponsor a Vet at the show. Go to one of the local ticket outlets above and purchase a Youth Ticket. Mail that ticket to,

Windsor International Air Show
Fathers Day Program
PO Box 2093
Tilbury ON N0P 2L0

Include your Name, email and home address. We will be placing all names on an honor list on our web site. Dedicate it to your Dad or even a Vet you knew. We want to show all our Vets that the community supports them and appreciates them still after all these years and the younger ones are given the respect for their sacrifices as well.

The money will be used to support the Vets, before, during and long after the show. This way we can make sure every Vet has his day, even if it's for a few hours. We don't skimp on hospitality. Nothing but the best. because they went through so much so we don't have to.

Remember, every dollar spent at our Air Show, stays local and helps our community .

See you soon.
OPS Desk

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