The Rick Mercer Report

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Rick Mercer Report

Watch The Rick Mercer Report this Tuesday October 4 at 8 pm on CBC television. Watch as he does what he does best in a Harvard flight, a Boeing Stearman flight and a Skyhawk tandem jump.
Rick also interviews Chris Hadfield in front of the Sabre.
Rick and crew were a fantastic team to work with and once you see the visuals you will agree they have done all air shows a great service by highlighting CHAA and CH2A vintage aircraft in flight. His comic antics prove once again you become a kid once you fly.
The RMR team usually have two locations per show they use but had so much great footage the whole show is on Windsor.
Thank you to the team at CHAA and CH2A for providing the aircraft and team to make the show possible. Edward was the pilot in the Harvard team and Rick was impressed. Namely that he landed safely.
Ron Holden was the pilot in the Stearman who gave Rick the ride he's always been missing. It's a wonderful feeling supporting these two dedicated vintage aircraft  flying museums. They spend thousands of volunteer hours teaching, caring and performing every year for those willing to watch and learn.
There's more to an air show than just what you see from your backyard. Don't miss this episode.
Thank you to the RMR team and hope to see you again soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rick Mercer Report

Breaking news worthy of reading.
On Saturday September 10, Rick Mercer will not only be at the show, he will be jumping with the Skyhawks Parachute Team to open the show followed by the opening flights. The people who purchased the Photo Tour pass are going to have some of the best seats in the house. After his short adventure we are going to put Rick into some vintage aircraft up and around Windsor, and yes we will keep him occupied while he tapes segments for his show.
HCol Mercer was named Honorary Colonel of 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron at 12 Wing Shearwater in August 2006.
The Windsor International Air Show is looking forward to hosting The Rick Mercer Report. 
It's Canadian of course.

Friday, September 2, 2011


The anti-submarine CP-140 Aurora will be at the Windsor International Air Show. As Canada’s only strategic maritime surveillance aircraft, the CP-140 Aurora is often used to patrol Canada’s coastlines, safeguarding our waters from foreign threats. Capable of flying more than 9000 km—or 5000 nautical miles—without refueling, this multi-purpose aircraft goes the distance.                  They will have guided tours on board. Get a look at some of the latest anti-submarine equipment and view actual footage they have taken. It's a good one to see. Don't miss this one.

Destination.... Windsor

They are on their way. VFA 106 Gladiators of the skies.
You can't see these from your backyard.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Throttling Up

Looks like we got what we wanted. Hawk One will be flying in Windsor and Chris Hadfield will be flying on Saturday. You can expect some heritage flights and a whole lot more noise. Chris literally began his dream of aviation in Windsor while watching an air show. He will be transiting from Russia to Windsor en-route to Houston. Talk about timing.
More to come on this performance. We've got the real rocket man September 10 & 11, 2011.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rick Mercer Report

Rick Mercer will be taping segments of CBC's Rick Mercer Report September 10 & 11 at the Windsor International Air Show.
Where else but one of Canada's best civilian air shows.

Next Up,

You can't watch this from your backyard.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Affordable Entertainment

Air shows are known across North America as the most affordable and most entertaining venue for your money. We bring you up close from the most modern to some of history's greatest flying aircraft. The performers and pilots who fly in air shows welcome questions, visits, and interact with crowds like no other entertainer will. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on while you watch them perform some astounding aerobatics. The military come to Windsor so the public can see their skills as they push the "envelope" to display the capabilities of the machine and themselves as a cohesive pair.
The Snowbirds have the precision and grace like no other team in the world. No other 9 ship formation in the world can accomplish what they can do. They fly for Canada.
We have almost 4 hours of constant flying and there will always be something in the air. Never a dull moment.
Don't miss the opening or the race, airplane rides or the ground acts. Yes I did say the race. Is Pete up to the challenge?
We have contest winners from last year who got some great pictures of their family sitting inside some of the aircraft.
People say they didn't know you could go inside of them. Well, now they do.
It doesn't matter what else is happening around town on our air show weekend. The Windsor air show is the biggest event in Southwestern Ontario. No other will come close. You can't ignore our presence. Some try to but we are Red, white and very loud. We give you and your family memories that can last a lifetime. Lifetime dreams come alive for many as they follow their hearts desire to become a pilot and then some. Need an example?
Chris Hadfield.
Chris watched an air show in Windsor in 1963 where he decided to fly. He will become the first Canadian to command a Space Station next year.
That is a dream fulfilled and it started in Windsor.
Gates will be open at 9:30. Gates will close at 4:30.
That's 7 hours to explore and learn. Bring your camera and make sure it's got lots of memory.
Meet the pilots, see aircraft up close. Meet our Veterans. Thank our Veterans.
We bring history to Windsor without enormous sponsors. We also work with local establishments to help them get noticed at a very affordable cost. The air show supports In Honour of The Ones We Love. Friday is the day we get the children out of the hospital for a few hours to get special treatment from the pilots and ground crew. Every smile is worth it.
Did I mention food? Our contestants will be competing for the Best International Chicken Wings on Friday September 9. $5 to get in, Free Parking, and a chance to watch the ground crews set up an air show. The pilots will also be there for the kick off and the Jet Truck will give a small preview of the weekend.

Advance Tickets are available at
Pioneer Gas Stations
Henry's Photo on Howard
Windsor Flying Club

Bring the family and enjoy the day without straining your budget.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fun Loving Volunteers are required to help out this year at the Air Show!
Experience the jets and pilots up close like no other event.
We are the biggest event in Essex County.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Filling Up The Ramp

We welcome F-16's from the Alabama National Guard this year. Get up close and personal with these static aircraft as the pilots give you a close up look at some of America's finest modern dogfighters. We feel privileged to showcase the US arsenal and provide hospitality to the boys that fly them. Check out the aircraft, meet and greet the pilots while enjoying a World Class airshow from the field. The only place to be.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

And Another One

Coming to Windsor.
The C130 is a four-engine turboprop tactical transport aircraft with a rear cargo ramp, rugged landing gear, good short-field performance and high ground clearance for engines and propellers, used for troop transport, tactical airlift (both palletized and vehicular cargo), search and rescue, air-to-air refueling, and aircrew training and qualification. Designed to operate from unimproved airstrips in an active theater of operations. Get the chance to sit up front in the cockpit as the pilots bring you on board for a tour. 
Be a part of the show.