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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

CF-18 Hornet Demo Jet

In 2010, the Canadian Navy celebrates its 100th anniversary. The centennial will be a momentous milestone both for the Canadian Navy and for Canada’s history. The naval centennial slogan “Commemorate, Celebrate, Commit” reflects the desire to honour the past, celebrate Canadian Navy achievements and recognize the Navy’s obligation to Canada. In tribute to the Canadian Navy, the Air Force will adopt the Canadian Navy Centennial as it’s theme for the 2010 Demonstration Hornet’s air show season. The demo jet’s tails have been especially painted to commemorate this important milestone.

The Jet

A versatile, world-class fighter aircraft, the supersonic CF-18 Hornet can engage both ground and aerial targets. Its twin engines generate enough thrust to lift 24 full-size pick-up trucks off the ground.

As the Canadian Air Force's frontline multi-role fighter, the CF-18 is used for air defence, air superiority, tactical support, training, aerobatic demonstration and aerospace testing and evaluation.

CF-18 Demo Pilot
Capt Brian Bews began his flying career in 1995 in Okotoks, Alberta. After receiving his private pilot’s license, he went to Mount Royal College in Calgary and graduated with a Diploma in Aviation with a commercial pilot’s license and multi-engine instrument rating. He enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1999.

Capt Bews attended the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and received his wings on the BAE Hawk jet in 2003. He was selected to be a fighter pilot and went to 419 Tactical Fighter (Training) Squadron in Cold Lake, Alberta to conduct Fighter Lead In Training on the CT-155 Hawk. In 2004 Capt Bews finally realized his dream to fly the CF-18 Hornet while at 410 Tactical Fighter (Operational Training) Squadron in Cold Lake, Alberta where he remained for his first operational tour on the CF-18 Hornet with 416 Tactical Fighter Squadron, followed by a tour with 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron.

In 2008, Capt Bews was posted to 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron based in Bagotville, Quebec. He has accumulated over 1400 hours in the military, of which 1200 of those are in the CF-18 Hornet.

Capt Bews grew up in Eatonia, Saskatchewan and spends his free time riding motorcycles; he is also a huge fan of motorsports of all kinds.

Check them both out August 21 & 22, 2010 at the Windsor International Airport.

(Taken From Canadian Department of Defense Web Site)