The Rick Mercer Report

Friday, June 11, 2010

429 Squadron RCAF Flies The Canadian CC-117 Globemaster III

Rapid, reliable and flexible, the strategic and tactical CC-177 is equipped with advanced digital avionics, has a maximum range of approximately 5,500 nautical miles and can carry a payload of up to 160,000 pounds (72, 727 kilograms) due to its four engines (Pratt & Whitney 2040 series) that produce 40,440 pounds (18, 343 kilograms) of thrust.
The CC-177 Globemaster III is used for a wide range of strategic and tactical missions for Canada’s Air Force and only requires a crew of three: pilot, co-pilot and loadmaster. Pilots can fly the CC-177 wearing night-vision goggles, which provides a significant tactical advantage when flying into hostile territory. It can also take off and land on unpaved runways as short as 1,067 metres (3, 500 feet) and as narrow as 27.4 metres (90 feet) by day or by night.

429 Transport Squadron has flown a variety of aircraft throughout its history, although the massive CC-177 Globemaster III is the only airframe the squadron flies today.

See it live at the Windsor International Air Show August 21 & 22.