The Rick Mercer Report

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Happening At YQG

The Windsor International Air Show promises to be one of the biggest shows in Ontario. We have over 60 aircraft attending with some of the best pilots in their field.
It's the 100th Anniversary of Celebration of Aviation and starting on August 27, it's going to start making noise and the value we are giving our spectators has no comparison.
We have the Canadian and US Air Force solidly supporting our show and boy are they bringing some hardware with them.
Let's not forget the Auto Show inside the Air Show and the Antique Military Vehicles coming out in full force support.
The Air Show will be the biggest attraction in Windsor to end the summer. There is none like it nor any comparison.
Just try to go anywhere in Essex County without hearing us. It just won't happen.
We have special guests like Chris Hadfield attending. We have National Magazine coverage.
We have the Discovery Channel doing a show segment. Yes, you read that right.
Aircraft from all over North America are asking to be a part of our show.
We've worked hard to bring the best and now it's almost upon us.Check Spelling
Get ready for the news, they're back!
Don't be standing on the outside looking in, YQG is the place to be on August 29 & 30!