The Rick Mercer Report

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Challenge

It's the challenge of the year happening at the Windsor International Airport on August 15, 2009.
The winner will get bragging rights for the next full year. The challengers have measured up and fear no opponent in this battle.
$2 dollar parking fee with a canned good for an entrance fee to support the Goodfellows. Come on out enjoy some wings from some of Windsor's best "winged" restaurants.
Hey, it's aviation related and we will be selling Gala Tickets and Air Show tickets for the August 29&30 air show. The line up for the show is immense. They must have heard something.
We will have a table set up inside the CH2A hangar playing some video of the performers coming to our airport. Get a glimpse of what they do the best, fly.
Rides will be available.

The Wing Off is going to be tasty and challenging, not only for the competitors but the hot wings could produce some excitement all it's own.
It's all part of the fun happening at Your Quick Getaway this sumer. Fun and education for the whole family. Don't miss out. Seen our billboards?
Wait for the commercials.
At the Air Show, let's not forget to mention the bounce castles, Canadian Recruiting Office complete with camo face painting, and vendors from the local community. Vintage war birds, and the list is endless.
Check out the possibilities of our Armed Forces.
Say hi to some of the veterans that made sure we have our freedoms here in Canada, today.
Vintage cars on display with each show day being different. Military vehicles like we have never seen before.

Watching from the outside is just not the same.
Sounds of Freedom.... soon, Catch The Experience.