The Rick Mercer Report

Friday, August 28, 2009

First Arrivals

They started arriving. What an awesome sight as Windsor was again playing host to an Air Show.
The A Channel, CBC News, Today's Windsor and Blackburn Radio were there for the beginning of the biggest event in Essex County this weekend.
The First to arrive was the Kc135. Good thing because parking is at a premium this weekend at YQG Airport. The first one is always the special announcement they are coming. An hour later two Snowbirds, F-15's, our own CF-18 Hornet, Mike Goulian and then the 9 formation Snowbirds flew over the airport. If Windsor hadn't heard of the Air show, then the display of the CF-18 sure woke them up.
The F-15's from Mountain Home AFB flew over and did a break over the field. Awesome to see and they announced their arrival with flying grace to let us know who's in town. Pete McLeod, Canada's Red Bull pilot came in, Jacquie "B" Warda, and the Manfred Radius.
Mike Goulian decided to get airborne to burn of a little fuel and boy did he ever.
The hardest part of the show was making sure we are working while being awed by fantastic displays. Then as if almost out of nowhere the Sea Dragon Helicopter from the US Navy touched down with a landing that had the ground handlers cheering. The Sea Dragon was taxied with an escort truck and the driver reported having to stand on the brakes because the rotor wash just pushed the truck. It is big and powerful and the sound was deafening......
A Huey from Andrews Air Force Base planted itself on the grass with it's very distinctive sound.
Rick Volker and then a P51 Mustang touched down. Activity was heavy and exciting as only an Air Show can bring. The crowds were lined up outside the airport to get a glimpse of these aircraft and the kids were thrilled at the sights.
These machines are awesome to see, yet the men and women who fly them are the personalities to meet. Every single one of them was glad to arrive in Windsor.
The excitement is being throttled up at the Airport, so come on out and meet these pilots and get a chance to actually get inside of one of these behemoths.

Tickets are very affordable and the entertainment is priceless.
Don't be on the outside looking in, it's just not the same.
Today should see more of the same landing at the airport so get your tickets now and come early for the best spots on the field.