The Rick Mercer Report

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Check Yourself In

We're getting there.
The Click n"Print people have been working diligently to finish our graphics for the tickets. I've just approved the final draft. I never thought spell check would mean so much. Take advantage of the advance ticket sale pricing. There is also VIP parking passes available. They are limited in number so my best advice is to take the bus into the show. We will be setting up some bus routes so we can get people in and out with as little frustration as possible. We're asking you to come out and enjoy the day.
I have been getting a lot of email about the Canadian Tire Money exchange. Keep visiting the web site for details and my blog. We will be setting up an email blast from our web site soon to keep you informed on the details. Once we get a time and place anyone interested in exchanging a drawer of Canadian Tire Money for tickets is more than welcome. Even we need supplies once and a while.
The show is actually growing a mind of it's own right now. We're just waiting for more commitments from the US side and we have a lot of exciting ideas being tossed out.
Strap in tight, it's going to be quite the ride.