The Rick Mercer Report

Monday, January 26, 2009

Truly International

We got the official ok from the US Military. They're definitely going to be here, it's just a matter of what can make it.
Gerry, our go to guy in liaison with the US side has been diligently preparing our list and continues to amaze me.
We have a wide area to fill up with aircraft and the show is promising to be a non-stop flurry of aircraft activity from opening till closing.
Noise and then some.
With my partner Bill, we are preparing to head out to the North East Council of Air Shows meeting on Feb.20. we get to chat and make plans with some of the best in the business and meet with some really great people.
I have also enlisted a jumbo sized playground for our youthful fliers. The kids will be able to jump and run around this inflatable we want to bring in. It's family fun. We even have a few of the local pilots wanting to try it out.
I'm feverishly working on the web site to get it up and running. We will have helicopter and plane rides available. You will be able to pre purchase the rides before the show and book at the show for rides later in the evening. If you pre book a ride we can throw in a pass.
As another incentive we will be taking in Canadian Tire money for tickets. It's a good value and we always need supplies. There will be designated sites available that will take the Canadian Tire money, not the stores.
We want to get as many people out to enjoy our show because the 100th Anniversary only comes once.
It's going to be big.