The Rick Mercer Report

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sneak Preview

Okay, so I'm bad at keeping secrets. That's what makes planning a show so awesome. I get to tell people "inside" secrets and get away with it.
So let's drop a few names... No wait that wouldn't be fair or would it? For right now we still have lots of aircraft and when it comes down to it we may have to tell a few to stay home because of field limitations. If we fill the field where are the people gonna go?

The Snowbirds coordinators will be in town on Feb. 18 for a preliminary visit. It's time for serious planning and execution. We then head to NECAS in New York for a final chit chat with other organizers and after that we turn on the burners.

We are getting ramped up and looking for willing and able bodies for volunteer duties. It's not hard work, it's more of a commitment for your time. Volunteers are the heart and soul of any festival and we are no exception.

We have lots of free stuff to give away at the show. Not just keychains................ Stay tuned to that one.

The partnerships and relationships we are investing in for the show should give us an extreme edge for a vibrant show.

Ok, names huh?

Not yet, coming soon. That hurts keeping in some info, believe me.

Once the web site is live at the end of the month I will be posting the invited ones as well as the confirmed. There will also be a page of possibilities we have arranged but may have logistical concerns getting here. Lancaster anyone?

All in all, the 100th Century of Flight is a great aviation year.

It's going to be noisy. Sound of Freedom taking flight. Stay tuned.....................