The Rick Mercer Report

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Gold

It looks absolutely marvelous.
We can look forward to this Sabre gracing the skies over Windsor in August.

Vintage Wings is an extraordinary place where aviation history comes alive through dedicated people making sure we remember the historical significance of the aircraft that flew so long ago.
Take a look at Vintage Wings web site. The aircraft in that hanger are spectacular.

On the other side of it planning is still going very well. The team is coming together and we are starting to ramp up and get some kind of an idea what the show will look like. We still have to get confirmation on some aircraft but that is more or less procedure. I get pretty anxious at times waiting for an answer but that's the way it works. We are also going to have plane and helicopter rides before and after the show. Once we get our web site up and running you will be able to purchase a ride before the show and get a pass into the show. Not bad. Or you can wait until after the show. I always prefer to pre-buy my articles. It makes planning a lot easier once you get to the show. Shirts and hats will also be available before the show. Once the web site goes live keep looking back because with the updates there is going to be some surprises in store.