The Rick Mercer Report

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Air Show Time!

Rob Reider
So much in demand on the air show circuit we had to book him before he got home from the 2009 show!
We are grateful and pleased to have one of the air show circuits premier announcers describe the accurate historical fact along with color commentary the pilots and aircraft who are the real deal in aviation.
Watching the aircraft is one thing. Listening brings the action alive.
Check Rob out at his web site and see for yourself how hard he works to bring the excitement of an air show up close and personal.

Continental Air Shows
Forty years ago, Continental Air Show Productions brought the first integrated sound/communications/air boss/announcer platform to the air show industry. Owner Bill Bordeleau, an award-winning air show announcer, recognized the need for consistent, high-quality public address sound over long show lines. Now, in the 21st Century, Bill has reinvented, from the ground up, the newest air show command center in the industry. New radios and antennas, new headsets, new intercom, new speakers and subwoofers for your VIP area, and the largest trailer-top deck in the industry make Continental Air Show Productions an extraordinary asset.
In addition to the nearly one mile of show line sound system coverage, CASP was the first in the industry to utilize dual microwave transmission systems to connect additional speakers to extend the sound on the air show grounds.

We’ve combined two of the best in the industry to bring the action, sounds, feel and historical significance to the Windsor International Airport.

feel the roar…..hear the history….excite your senses…..
Be on the field, August 21 & 22, 2010 for the Sounds of Freedom II.
The best place to be for the family all weekend.

Photo courtesy of Eric Dumigan