The Rick Mercer Report

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gearing Up!

This year is looking really great. We've got a great line up and some really fantastic static aircraft coming up to visit. Again as in last year there is going to be plenty to do.
The chance to be front and centre is taking on a whole new meaning this year. Look forward to the Cf-18's strafing the ground in an amazing pyrotechnic display.
We've got an old favourite flying in the show this year. See the Lancaster fly in our show and get the opportunity to get inside this magnificent piece of history
A Spitfire is going full on aerobatic for us piloted by Rick Volker. remember him? He's the one with the aggressive Sukhoi demonstration last year that defied gravity at times.
The Harvards, Jacquie B and we have a wing walker from American Barnstorming doing her thing on the wing.
Mark Kirsch, the strongman may just show us how he parks aircraft. By himself, with a little bit of green human powered technology.
A lot of these acts have been made possible by a grant from Celebrate Ontario. They saw the enormous potential in our show and we are glad to show off our Province to the rest of North America.

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Stay tuned........