The Rick Mercer Report

Friday, March 5, 2010

Updates and More

Updates and more.
We're changing the way we take in information just a little bit. We have been getting a lot of emails and requests about volunteering and information regarding the 2010 Air Show. Rest assured we are updating the 2010 web site and should be available in the next week or so.
The most notable change is the email blasts we will be doing. We have had to use a separate contact for the Membership we have added. The volunteer email was getting too crowded and we need to update the ones who want information on what's happening along with the blog.
So if you want to volunteer and haven't done so click on the link and sign up.
If you want to become a member for discounted tickets and first choice on Chalet seating then the membership sign up is for you.
VIA Rail has sponsored us again, and by signing on as a member you will have a chance to win that trip for two at the air show this year. Awesome.
See you soon.