The Rick Mercer Report

Friday, April 3, 2009

VIA Rail

Trademark owned by VIA Rail Canada Inc.

We welcome our newest sponsor for our air show. VIA Rail has now become another Wing Supporter.
We also have been given two Promotional Travel Certificates for VIA's Comfort Class seating for a Windsor to Ottawa round trip. We also will make it an enjoyable stay in Ottawa with hotel reservations for a couple of nights. The train trip itself will be around ten hours one way. It would make a great getaway in the fall for the changing of the seasons.
One of our performers will be giving it away on August 30 show day just before the flying display starts. Of course the winner must be present to claim and we will, of course give the winners a great photo opportunity.
It's just another way we want to be able to show appreciation to the spectators that come to our show.
Stay tuned because it's just getting started.