The Rick Mercer Report

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Canada Remembers

As part of our program inclusion at our show we are making ample space available for our Veterans in a relaxed setting. These people gave up their time for service to our country so that we may enjoy the opportunities that they have literally handed down to us through the generations. The freedom and rights we enjoy as a nation were fought for and to this day are still protected by the service men and women in our military.

Our goal is simple. We want to show them the appreciation by giving them a front seat with amenities that they deserve. We want to give the youth in our generation the opportunity to interact with these Veterans so that they may know and understand the commitment and sacrifices they made so we today, may sit and watch an Air Show display with awe and a sense of pride in our country.

We don't want the history of courage, determination and sacrifice to fade away and become a distant memory by only a few. Most of us have never known war in our daily lives and it is because of the values they fought for that we, hopefully, may never have to face on our doorstep.

The Lancaster 212 restoration is an immense project with a very rich history in Canada. It is an icon to those who flew it in unbelievable conditions to protect human rights and the value of freedom.

Join us as we give just a little back for such a immense sacrifice as rest assured, the Veterans know at how high a price freedom comes, even to this day. Help us out by attending the show and shake the hand or give a nod to these selfless individuals.

It doesn't take much to say thank you.