The Rick Mercer Report

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Loss Of A Channel To The Community

The closing of A Channel in Windsor is going to be devastating. Our show as well as other events in the community are losing a voice that gets our messages out.

We will know of what goes on in London, Toronto or even Detroit, more than what happens across the street from our homes.

Yes the times are difficult, yet the guidelines the stations have to follow are long and expensive. In order to cater to our community they have to make money. We know that.

The local charity/non-profit community relies on the corporate charity supplied by A Channel, and yes AM 800 has to be mentioned also. Without these corporate community icons, the festivals and events that happen in Windsor-Essex could be silenced. We need that media. Will writing letters get it done? Maybe, but then again the person that makes the decisions on matters like this doesn't care nor are they in any danger of losing in the next election.

We will continue to plug our show at every possible chance we get and where ever we can.
We hope we can contribute to the support everyone in the community is giving A Channel to ensure they have a parachuted landing.