The Rick Mercer Report

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Showtime

The Air Show I have been working on for close to 8 months has taken fantastic shape.
2009 will be the 100th Anniversary of powered flight in Canada. The Canadian Military is going all out to provide for shows like Windsor. Windsor and Trenton Ontario qualified for an amazing
amount of support from the Department of Defense.
We booked the following acts and we are absolutely thrilled to announce,
The Snowbirds will be here,
Skyhawks - Military parachute jump team
CF-18 demonstration fighter in a brand new paint scheme that will amaze you.
The Sabre jet with the new paint scheme.
A Snowbird Tutor jet with the new paint scheme.
We invited every one of the military aircraft available that fly in Canada for people to see up close and personal these powerful aircraft.
On the civilian side we have
Manfred Radius who has an awesome glider act and does an inverted ribbon cut at 20 feet.
Jacque B. who flies a tumbling Pitts biplane.
Rick Volker who does unbelievable rotations in his Russian Sukoi.
Our very own Pete McLeod who will be racing next year in Red Bull. Guess where?
Mike Goulian. One of the best performers in North America and Red Bull Pilot who will be flying his new EXTRA300 SX. Power with power left to spare. Talk about a gentlemen.
The Harvard Aerobatic Team. They performed at Red Bull over the water last year and are thrilled to come to Windsor once again. Loud and proud of it.

We have invited the US military's F16, F15, Raptor and the A10. With the world as it is today we are hoping they will commit to all of these aircraft to fly and demonstrate the power and skill of the pilots.
We of course want our military front and centre to give them the opportunity to show their skills and provide a thrill show next to none.

There are so many people to thank for their participation and expertise. I will be giving updates as to status on aircraft, and oh, I almost forgot, over the river my new friends the Blue Angels will be doing a show JULY 11-12, 2009 at the Detroit boat races. I have the opportunity to work and let people know they will be coming.
There is another HUGE aviation event coming..........:)??
More coming.