The Rick Mercer Report

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Early Bird Flight Line Tour and Pass

We can put you as close to the action as we can without actually putting you in the seat. The Photo Pass allows you to sit right up at the flight line without people standing in front of you when they taxi by or do the low level .9 Mach pass.
You will get the chance to tour the hot ramp with some security and tour guides in tow so you can get the opportunity of some real close shots of the performing aircraft before the crowds get in the way. Henry's will be sponsoring again this year and the lucky ones last year got some great giveaways. We'll have reserved chairs for you to get those amazing shots we see so much of.

Please act soon as they sold very quickly last year. They are limited and in high demand.

Time to light the fires.
See you there.

Ops Desk.