The Rick Mercer Report

Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Show Will Be Taking Applications

We'll be opening up the application process very soon. Each volunteer will have to fill in a new application even of we had you on file last year. Every year we have to get your correct information and find a place for you in our organization.
The new PDF file can be filled in electronically and printed. From there you will take it to one of the meetings we have scheduled. You only have to attend one application meeting and from there you will be contacted as to where you will be working for us.
We cannot accept applications by fax or email. You will have to do it in person.
This year we will need close to 400 volunteers for the show. It's a great chance to meet the performers and have a great time working in the community.

Applications will be available soon. We will also be setting up dedicated meeting dates for the application process. We won't be able to accept applications by email or fax.

Check back soon.