The Rick Mercer Report

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where To Get Tickets Locally

We are very fortunate to get some local support from individual businesses in the city to help us spread the word and sell tickets for the show.

No everyone uses the internet so local supporters have accepted our offer and decided to help sell tickets from their business.

These places beleive that by helping out we both can receive mutual benefit. Perfect, becuase we both do. Our Wing Off is a great example of partnerships.

If you need tickets please go to these local outlets and purchase your air show tickets. They are good for either day and will speed up the entry process at the gate. While you are there in the ticket outlet, take a look around and keep them in mind next time you need their product.

They also make our statement ring true when we say that money spent at the air show stays in the community. It's the perfect scenario.

Ticket outlets are pillars in the community and need your support as we need theirs.

Listen to Blackburn Radio and get a chance to win tickets.

Listen to AM800 and get a chance to win tickets.

Watch for our 2010 Commercial to air on A Channel.

Watch for our ads in the Windsor Star, In Business, Windsor Life, and the Cnawest publications all over Essex County.

We'll even be at the Military Muster in a few weeks.

We're all over. You won't miss us this year, that's for sure.

We are going to try and get some Veterans into the Lancaster Bomber for a trip around Essex County. For that we need donations and assisatance. Spread the word we are looking for donations to get these guys in the air. It'll make their weekend a little more special.

Sounds of Freedom II

You can't miss us this year.