The Rick Mercer Report

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bigger, Better, and a Little Noisy

The Windsor International Air Show commercial, shot by Bill Reilly, took first place at the Las Vegas convention this year. No small feat considering the competition has been around for years. This is a significant milestone, not just for the show, but for the area as well. Many eyes are starting to focus on our show as we had amazing success for our first venture.
We have had inquiries for tickets, rooms and insider secrets to next year's show already. Visitors came from all over the continent and we can expect much more next year.
All we have to do is do it all over, again. Only this time bigger.
In the next couple of months we are going to be confirming many aircraft and what will be happening at the 2010 show. Dynamic, exciting and very noisy are the key elements. Add in more audience participation, and well you get my message.
The veterans had a wonderful time at the last show and we are going to build on that. Many veterans asked if we could do it again and the answer is the same. Same place, same station.
This one is going to be memorable. Don't miss this chance to be up close and personal. Meet the veterans and get a chance to thank them, personally. We are, one at a time.
Our starting line up of partners in 2010's show;
Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
Windsor International Airport
Windsor Flying Club
Military Muster
Canadian Transportation Museum
Canadian Military
US Military

Want to be a part of our show?
Expect the unexpected.

ps. The DVD is out!