The Rick Mercer Report

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


It's a time to enjoy the day and reflect on where we are as a country. It's a day to celebrate our independence and Freedom all across this land. Yes I'm somewhat patriotic. Canada is no doubt the absolute best country in the world and the land is absolutely gorgeous.
We also have to make sure we thank the service men and women who defend our rights and will stand up for those rights willingly. The Snowbirds, Skyhawks, CF18 Demo pilot, and the technicians that keep them flying, are all a shining example of our military and what they represent. At any time they can get a call and be shipped into hostile territory and in the meantime we as a country wake up everyday and continue on as we normally would.
We all enjoy our personal rights guaranteed by our Charter of Right and Freedoms.
Let's not forget or take for granted how they came about.
Canada is the best and Happy Birthday or Confederation, whichever you choose.

THANKS GUYS! You know who you are.