The Rick Mercer Report

Monday, June 15, 2009

Volunteer Meeting

We have our fist real informational Volunteer meeting this week

Oakwood Comunity Centre
2520 Cabana Road
Windsor ON

From Huron Church Road, turn East onto Cabana Rd, turn North on Northway Avenue (its the second street on the left).

Wed. June 17 2009
7:00 pm (19:00)
Please be on time so we can get more ground covered. Thanks!

General Meet and greet info session. Lots to learn!

Bring a pad and pen to get all the info.

We have received some applications, however the email addresses were bounced back at us. If you have not received a reply to your application, please come out as we will have some extra applications available.

Now that the Red Bull races are behind, we have a big task ahead of us as we prepare to bring back an air show to Windsor Airport. It's not small by any means.
If you can't make it email
We will be taking some notes of information, however it is imperative to attend every meeting.
We understand priority, yet we must keep you informed with procedures and protocols, as after all, it is an airport.
So much information to learn!

There's a lot to do and we are counting down the days.........
See you there!